EB Attorneys Attend DRI Conference

Erlingson Banks attorneys had a great time attending the DRI Civil Rights and Governmental Tort Liability seminar hosted last week in Las Vegas. Mary Erlingson was honored to have had the opportunity to be Program Chair for this year’s seminar, and was thrilled to...

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Rotary Club of Baton Rouge Supports V.I.P.S

Mary Erlingson had the pleasure of reading to Kindergarten and Pre-K students at Broadmoor Elementary School Friday, September 16, 2022. Volunteers In Public Schools is one of the many projects supported by Rotary Club of Baton Rouge.

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Mary Erlingson and Lee Ledet attend DRI Seminar in Chicago

Mary Erlingson and Lee Ledet attended DRI’s Civil Rights and Governmental Liability Steering Committee meeting in Chicago last week, and took time out to attend a Cubs game with other Committee leaders. Learn more about #DRI's Civil Rights and Governmental Liability...

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