Civil Rights and Public Entity

Erlingson Banks is well known for representing governmental entities, corrections facilities, and law enforcement agencies in civil litigation matters in the State of Louisiana.  In addition, our firm works with governmental entities to draft and revise policies, procedures, and training to allow our clients to more effectively serve the public.  Our governmental entity practice is broad and comprehensive, including:

Law Enforcement Defense

                Section 1983 actions

                Wrongful Arrest

                Excessive Force

                Officer Shootings

                Protest Suits

                Pursuit, Traffic, and Automobile Liability

                First Responder Claims 


                Wrongful Death

                Excessive Force

                Inmate Injury and Death

Local Government

                Tax and Foreclosure

                Public Records Law

                Open Meetings Law


                ADA Claims

                Wage Payment and FLSA Claims

                EEOC Discrimination

                Premises Liability

                Infrastructure Claims

                Land Use and Zoning Disputes